There are ALWAYS opportunities. Make no mistake about it. Our housing crisis is no different. From millions of foreclosed homes comes MAJOR opportunities for people to make BIG money. And now here is your chance to make it in today's economy.

It has been reported that more than 2.3 million homes have been foreclosed on and
1 out of 10 homeowners are behind in their mortgages. As dismal as this reality may be, it is actually providing quite a BOOM in the "Cleanout" business.

What is the "Clean Out" business? Each foreclosed, bank-owned home needs to be cleaned out before it can be placed back on the market. That is where YOU come in. You "clean out" the properties charging anywhere from $250 - $2,000 for each home depending on the work involved. Can you imagine cleaning 10 homes a day? How much money can you make? Let's do the math:

$250 x 10 =2500 in just 1 day! That's enough to hire 3 people to assist and pay them $10.00 an hour ($100/day x 3) = $300 and you're still left with $2200/day! In that scenario you are not only a business owner, you are an employer! You have just helped not only yourself to building a future but have helped families do the same!

Your company grosses $2500/day at 5 days a week = $600,000 per year! Now imagine cleaning out 20 houses a day hiring full and part time employees 7 days a week and making anywhere between $250 - $2,000 per property. That's more than $2 MILLION a year!

Now that's more than enough money to hire 10 people - 3 teams of 3 people and a manager to supervise. Leaving you to accumulate client lists and properties. You don't need a H.S. diploma, GED, or college degree to see your earning potential. You will also do a lot of good for your family, your employees' families and all the communities you work in.

This is YOUR time to act fast and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity. Here's CBS News, 60 Minutes and Lisa Cameron to tell you more:


Dan Sears cleans out cabinets May 19 at a home that was foreclosed in Orlando, Fla. With thousands of people defaulting each week on mortgages across central Florida, Sears is one of a growing army that banks summon to sanitize and seal up their foreclosure stockpile.

Lisa Cameron says..."Even if you know nothing about the foreclosure cleaning industry, except which end of a trash can goes up, then my blueprint for success of getting into the foreclosure cleaning industry will work for you, too!"
John Raoux / Associated Press


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