Ever bought a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor, envying the vendor's work schedule and independence? And as you took one delicious bite after another, thinking to yourself, how lucky the vendor was not having to answer to a boss, not even a co-worker? Ever wondered how lucrative a gig like that could be?

Well my friend, it could be EXTREMELY lucrative. How's $300, $500, and $700 a day sound? Pretty lucrative, I say. Even if you were formerly making that kind of cash a day, you still had to answer to a boss, work with others and live your life scheduled around your job, didn't you?

Thankfully those days are gone because you have finally decided to transform your life to something greater.  Just think of some of the benefits owning a business like this will bring you. For example, no overhead because you won't have a building or it's expenses i.e. rent, lights, gas, water, telephone, or renter's insurance! Already you've just saved yourself thousands of dollars!

Imagine getting out of bed starting your day when YOU choose, getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt or whatever is most comfortable, driving to YOUR spot and selling at prices YOU decide, building a business, customer loyalty and a beautiful life for you and your family making HUNDRED$ per day, THOUSAND$ per week and upwards $80,000 to $100,000+ per year!

These are very REAL figures and very EASY goals to attain.  You won't be a millionaire but you will be a highly successful businessman or businesswoman. To help you get started, here's Perry to tell you more:


Hi, my name is Perry but you can just call me "The Hot Dog Guy."  I started my first hot dog cart business over 20 years ago in Orlando, Florida. Over the years I’ve operated, owned, bought and sold several of my hot dog cart businesses.

For the first time ever I've decided to share everything that I've learned over the last 20 years in the hot dog cart business with you.

"...This Is The Easiest Way I Know To Make Better Than Average Income every Day Without Any Formal Education or Business Experience.