Technology has come a very long way. It seems in every part of human life exists modern technology, there's no stopping it. Take for example music. When I think of music production I think of studios, recording, mixing, and instrumental panels, and boards. I think of experienced, multi-talented musicians working tirelessly in the studio cranking out beats and sounds that culminates into beautiful music. Not anymore. Quickly are those days becoming part of the past.

Now comes the Home Computer Music Producer!  No more will you have to lease buildings, purchase and rent expensive equipment, and pray you make a hit before the rent comes due. The power and tools are in your hands WITHOUT leaving your chair!

Finally the opportunity to make your dreams come true has arrived and not a minute too soon. You will be able to make and produce your very own music. Rap to your music, sing to your music, get others to sing or rap on your music and get paid!

Can you imagine helping struggling artists fulfill their dreams by creating and producing music for them while you make a lucrative living? Talk about a win-win situation. How about the feeling you get once YOUR music is heard on the radio for the first time. This is truly an exciting time for you.

Computer technology has changed the game forever with fully functional music sequencer available for downloading with hundreds of sounds imaginable. Got an MP3? Easily and quickly export your music to your MP3 player. Now you are the one in the driver's seat. You can stop saving money for over-priced equipment and join the many happy people who make good music everyday. Its your turn now- make some music!


I promise you won't leave your computer for 4 days straight.
You will make thousands of beats and you don't even need to be a professional musician or have any experience, we made it super user friendly to make your own beats and you won't believe the quality of the sounds we packed it with.

In addition to the the sequencer and tutorials on how to use it, we have jam packed the members section with production lessons in Logic, ProTools, software instruments, keyboards and much more.


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