Are you good at making people laugh? Do you think that  you have what it takes to be one of the GREAT comedians of all time?

Do you dream about hitting the stage, engaging the audience, have them laughing till it hurts and leaving them breathless, begging for more? Do you know how to make that dream a reality?

Did you know that most successful comedians still have to work on their craft and material just to stay on top? To stay relevant?

No matter what field of work you're in, you're gonna have to keep at it. You have to revise your material each time to suit your audiences and to do that you must know important information about them to keep from bombing in front of potentially thousands of people.

You don't have to be naturally talented to be a comedian, however, it does help. But good news for those who are not sure if they have what it takes. Work on it! Many people lack the natural talent but more than makes up for it by working on their preferred area of study. And you can too!

I don't want to mention names but I know of a very successful comedian that was not "traditionally" very funny early on in his career but worked his butt off and now sells out concert halls. His first name is Chris and if you watched him (like I did, still do) from his early beginnings when Eddie Murphy gave him a chance, you'll realize what I'm telling you is real and true. Chris has even stated that he is the "hardest working comedian" in the business. Why if he was "naturally" talented would he himself say that he worked so hard?

For those of you who have never heard of Uncle Clyde’s Comedy Contest, it is the longest running stand-up comedy competition in the LA area (since 1997). It is held at the Ice House comedy club in Pasadena and every week, 10 comedians compete for some cool prizes like:

>> $500 cash prize
>> A week long pro gig in the Ice House Main Room
>> Automatic entry into a Comedy festival

And the winner of the competition finals held on August 20, 2009 was 24 year old comedian Travon Free, a Killer Stand-up Comedy System comedian.

From talking with Travon who has been performing stand-up for just 3 years, no one in the final round of the competition was even close to his comedy set (there are 6 qualifying rounds with 10 comedians competing each round to get to the finals).  Check this out:


I went from struggling with a seriously lame stand-up comedy act at open mikes to headlining 600 to 1500-seat theaters in less than 2 years after throwing out my jokes that had been poorly written "from thin air".

I have been educating funny people in my radical approach to stand-up comedy since 1995.


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