Have you ever seen professionally decorated cakes, cookies, and candies and wondered how it was done?  Me too. I had been baking cakes for my family's enjoyment  for years but always wanted to know how to decorate them.

So I started my research into cake decorating tools and techniques by asking around at bakeries in my neighborhood and found out that most cake decorators either learned their craft from a relative/associate who was likely a pastry chef or they went through training. Determined to learn the art of cake decoration, I continued my research.

I thought about enrolling into a culinary arts program for a year, spending thousands of dollars in student loans and time away from making money. Though the training would have been worth it to a certain degree, I had not the patience. Another option was to find cake decorating software. Thankfully I did and it has made such a difference in my life. 

I got started when my family encouraged me to sell THEM my cakes. Then they took my cake slices to work and shared them with co-workers. Before I knew it I had taken in 10 cake orders in one day! Since the orders came from my family members' co-workers I only charged $7.00 a cake.

My family implored me to sell my cakes at $10.00 each and $3.00 slices. I tested the waters with my new prices and my business REALLY began to take off!

I started selling my cakes to area hamburger diners aka (Coney Island Restaurants) and began to make a name for myself. Soon everybody I knew wanted me to make special occasion cakes, birthday cakes, holiday cakes, family reunion cakes and others. Fortunately my business grew so large, so fast, I had to turn down orders.

That was nine months ago and now I'm looking into purchasing an abandoned bakery so that I, along with 4 newly-hired employees can quadruple my business' gross earnings. I never thought that life could be so fulfilling. I am finally able to do something I love and employ others doing the same thing.


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